Unravel the Threads of Suspense with Chris Brookmyre at Conversations on the Coast

A Coastal Festival of Literary Intrigue

Conversations on the Coast is back this November with an enthralling array of authors and genres. Set in the charming village of Elie and Earlsferry in Scotland, this literary festival marries the essence of Scottish literary culture with the tranquil vibes of coastal beauty.

A Treat for Crime Fiction Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of whodunits or a casual reader who enjoys a good mystery, you won’t want to miss award-winning crime author Chris Brookmyre’s session. Brookmyre has a well-earned reputation for penning gripping novels that leave readers at the edge of their seats, and his latest work promises more of the same.

Spotlight: Chris Brookmyre

On November 9th, Chris Brookmyre will delve into his latest novel, The Cliff House, a gripping tale centred around a perilous hen weekend where trust is as scarce as safety. The session is aptly titled “Friends, Family and Other Mortal Threats,” and if you’re familiar with Brookmyre’s previous works, you know you’re in for a suspenseful and engaging evening.

Event Details

Date: November 9th
Venue: Earlsferry Town Hall, Earlsferry, Leven
Book: Tickets are available online — don’t wait too long; seats are limited!

How to Get There?

If you’re wondering how best to reach this spellbinding event, look no further than St Andrews Taxis. With a reliable and luxurious transportation service, you’ll arrive at Earlsferry Town Hall in comfort and style, primed for an evening of literary intrigue.

We hope to see you there, mystery enthusiasts!


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