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Legal & Compliance

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At St Andrews Taxis, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of commitment, transparency, and reliability in every aspect of our service. We understand that when you choose to travel with us, you’re placing a great deal of trust in our hands. That’s why we want to be fully transparent about the rigorous legal and ethical frameworks that guide our operations.

From ensuring that all our drivers undergo stringent disclosure checks to maintaining comprehensive fleet and public liability insurances, we prioritise your safety and peace of mind at all times. We are also proud members of various professional bodies, setting the bar high in industry best practices. This page aims to provide you with all the details about our legal status, commitment to compliance, and affiliations, so you can ride with us in complete confidence.

Fife Council & Police Scotland Approved Drivers

At St Andrews Taxis, we believe that thorough vetting is essential for maintaining the gold standard of service we’re known for. That’s why all our drivers are badged via Fife Council, a process that involves meticulous police background checks. Once these checks are cleared, a committee then assesses each candidate before giving approval. Additionally, prospective drivers must attend a mandatory training course provided by Fife Council to ensure they meet community safety standards.

But we don’t stop there. Even after our drivers have passed these rigorous checks and courses, St Andrews Taxis conducts its own internal vetting process. We have a high criteria of suitability that each driver must meet, which goes above and beyond the mandatory checks. This ensures not just safety, but also a level of service that is consistent with our reputation for excellence.

Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme

At St Andrews Taxis, the safety and well-being of our passengers are paramount, which is why all our drivers undergo rigorous background checks via Disclosure Scotland’s Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme. This scheme is specially designed for individuals working in close contact with children and protected adults. A PVG disclosure not only reveals unspent and certain spent convictions but also includes any non-conviction information that police or other government bodies deem relevant.

The comprehensive nature of the PVG scheme ensures that we maintain the highest possible standards in driver vetting. It’s not a one-off check, either; Disclosure Scotland continuously monitors the records of PVG members for new convictions or other vetting information that might affect their suitability to work with vulnerable groups.

By employing drivers who are PVG certified, we reinforce our commitment to delivering a service that is safe, reliable, and above all, trustworthy. So, when you choose St Andrews Taxis, you’re choosing a service that goes the extra mile to ensure your safety.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Our Commitment to Safety, Reliability, and Transparency

When it comes to insurance and liability, St Andrews Taxis leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the well-being of our drivers, passengers, and the public at large. Our entire fleet is covered under comprehensive fleet insurance, which safeguards against a variety of risks on the road. But our commitment to safety and accountability doesn’t end there.

We also maintain a robust £5 million public liability insurance cover to protect passengers and third parties in any unexpected events. This is paired with a £10 million employers’ liability insurance cover, ensuring the welfare of our dedicated team of drivers. These measures aren’t just about fulfilling legal requirements; they are a testament to our commitment to safety, reliability, and transparency in all our operations.

Fife ECO Stars scheme

St Andrews Taxis is proud to be a 5-star member of the Fife ECO Stars scheme, a recognition that signifies our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The ECO Stars scheme aims to improve local air quality by encouraging commercial fleet operators to run their vehicles more efficiently, thereby reducing emissions of carbon, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. Our membership in this programme reaffirms our dedication to environmental responsibility, not just as a regulatory requirement but as a core part of our business values.

The ECO Stars scheme is not just a label; it’s a commitment to continuous improvement in operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. Beyond being a local intervention to take on air quality issues, ECO Stars serves as a catalyst for ongoing engagement and responsible practices within the transport industry. This prestigious 5-star rating validates our efforts to be an industry leader in not only service excellence but also in environmental stewardship.

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