Electrifying Energy: The Prodigy Ignites Glasgow’s OVO Hydro!

Glasgow’s very own OVO Hydro is set to pulsate with powerful rhythms and unforgettable anthems as THE PRODIGY takes the spotlight on 16th November. As part of their monumental ‘Army of the Ants Tour 2023‘, this promises to be more than just a concert – it’s an experience of global proportions.

A Celebration and a Remembrance

Following their poignant July ’22 tour, Liam H and Maxim, channeling the indomitable spirit of their late brother Keith Flint, created a live spectacle that both celebrated their legacy and looked to the future. Their heartfelt performance struck a chord, receiving an outpour of love from devoted fans everywhere.

A Dynamic Support Act

The energy levels will soar even higher with SOFT PLAY warming up the stage. Formerly known as the British punk duo Slaves, Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman are back and ready to rock after a brief hiatus. Their reunion and collaboration with The Prodigy for this tour is keenly anticipated by fans.

Arrive in Style with St Andrews Taxis

And when it comes to making the evening truly unforgettable, think beyond the music. Imagine arriving at the OVO Hydro in a luxurious taxi, ready to dive into the musical extravaganza. That’s where St Andrews Taxis comes in.

Whether you’re a quartet or a lively group of 8, we have just the vehicle to match your vibe. A stylish car ride is yours for £220, while our spacious minibus can be booked for £240. Planning the entire evening? Secure a return trip at £400 for a car and £440 for a minibus.

With The Prodigy’s explosive performance and St Andrews Taxis’ premium service, your night in Glasgow promises to be nothing short of legendary. Get your tickets, reserve your ride, and brace yourself for a sonic explosion!


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