An Evening with Sara Sheridan at Conversations on the Coast: A Journey to 19th Century Edinburgh

The Conversations on the Coast festival brings to you an array of literary gems this November, all taking place in the scenic village of Elie and Earlsferry. On November 23rd, award-winning author Sara Sheridan will step into the spotlight, bringing you an evening filled with botanical beauty and untold stories from 19th-century Edinburgh.

The Award-Winning Author

Sara Sheridan’s fascination with forgotten stories has carved her a unique niche in the literary world. From remapping Scotland to spotlight women’s history, to penning novels that are both thrilling and thought-provoking, Sara’s storytelling prowess is not to be missed. Her latest work, “The Fair Botanists,” currently holds the title of Waterstones Scottish Book of the Year and takes you on a fascinating journey to early 19th-century Edinburgh.

Event Highlights: Botany and Scandal

Dive into the verdant universe of Edinburgh’s newly-installed Botanic Garden as Sara Sheridan uncovers secrets, scandals, and alluring characters. An absolute treat for lovers of historical fiction, this evening will offer intriguing discussions on her acclaimed novel. Prepare for an enchanting night as Sara discusses this tantalising period gem.

Event Details

Date: November 23rd
Venue: Earlsferry Town Hall, Earlsferry, Leven
Tickets: Available online, be sure to secure your seat!

Your Journey to 19th Century Edinburgh Begins with St Andrews Taxis

For those contemplating how to reach this extraordinary event, St Andrews Taxis offers a convenient and luxurious travel option. Let us take care of your journey so that you can immerse yourself in the beguiling world that Sara Sheridan so masterfully brings to life.

We hope to see you there, lost in the pages of another world!


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