Unleash the Beat: Mickey 9s’ ‘Post-Funk’ Rhythms Come to Glasgow!

Glasgow’s own genre-bending Mickey 9s are gearing up to set Warehouse SWG3 alight with their electrifying ‘Post-Funk’ and ‘Evil Disco’ sounds on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, at 19:00. Known for their high-voltage live performances, this four-piece band promises a night that will energize the soul and compel you to dance.

The story of Mickey 9s is as fascinating as their music. It’s a tale of transformation that began at a Daft Punk festival, where four young Glaswegians caught a glimpse of their musical destiny. Inspired, they returned home, swapped their guitars for synths, and dove into the UK’s electronic renaissance. However, their journey took an unexpected turn when they realized something vital was missing — the raw punch of rock ‘n’ roll spirit. In a bold move, they went back to their roots, blending infectious dance rhythms with the gritty edge of rock, creating a sound that defies categorisation.

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Their experiments on the dancefloors led to a sound that captures the ‘perfection’ of dance music, energised with the untamed spirit of rock. It’s this unique sound that has captivated the Scottish music scene and established them as a must-see live act.

As you plan your night out to witness the unstoppable force that is Mickey 9s, let St Andrews Taxis be your chariot. Our fleet of luxury vehicles ensures you arrive in style and comfort, leaving the driving to us as you prepare to immerse yourself in the beats and buzzes of a band that refuses to play by the rules.

This December, don’t just attend a concert — experience a musical revolution with Mickey 9s, and let St Andrews Taxis elevate your night from routine to remarkable. Book your journey now, and get ready to be part of the ‘frenzy’ that only Mickey 9s can deliver!

For tickets visit: https://swg3.tv/events/2023/december/mickey-9s/

Let the music take you away, and let St Andrews Taxis take care of the rest.


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