Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Taxi or Private Hire Car Driver in Fife

Understanding the Driver’s Badge

If you’re eager to become a taxi or private hire driver, the main thing you’ll need is a Driver’s Badge. This badge authorises you to operate a taxi or private hire car. It’s your golden ticket to a rewarding career on the roads

Kickstarting Your Application

Ready to get on the road? You’ll need a recent passport-type photo and your current DVLA Driver’s Licence. With that in hand, hop over to the DVLA website and print off a summary of your driving record. It must have your up-to-date address.

Right to Work in the UK

Before your application goes any further, your eligibility to work in the UK will be scrutinised. You must provide specific documents for this check. A full list can be found in the Home Office Guidance.

Document Submission

Once all your documents are sorted, send them via email to misc.licensing@fife.gov.uk. Keep those original papers safe—you might need to present them later.

Let’s Talk Money

The application fee is non-refundable, so decide wisely! It’s £65 for a one-year application and £160 for a three-year term.

What Comes Next

After you apply, there’s a 28-day window during which objections to your application can be lodged. This period also allows Police Scotland (Fife Division) to weigh in. If there are objections, your case will be brought before the Regulation & Licensing Committee.


If your application is smooth sailing, expect a 4-6 week wait. However, those requiring committee decisions will naturally take longer.

Your Criminal Record

It’s worth noting that a full police record check is part of the process. Previous convictions, whether spent or not, can be considered, so keep that in mind.

Training Course Requirement

To become a fully licensed driver, you’ll need to complete a Taxi/Private Hire Car Driver’s Training Course (provided free by Fife Council).

If Refused

Should your application be refused, you’ll hear back in writing within a week. But don’t lose hope—you can appeal the decision within 28 days.

Licence Conditions & Medical Checks

Licences come with conditions, and you’re expected to fully understand them. If you’re above 70 years old or declare any medical conditions, be prepared for a DVLA Group 2 medical assessment.

Dress to Impress

A dress code is in place, and it’s all about looking sharp. No sportswear, flip flops, or anything that looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed!

Renewal Heads-Up

You’ll get a text to remind you when it’s time for renewal. No excuses for letting that licence lapse!

We Are Hiring!

By the way, if you’re keen on joining the taxi or private hire business, we’re currently on the hunt for new drivers. It’s a fantastic opportunity, so why wait?

There you have it—everything you need to get started on your journey to becoming a licensed taxi or private hire car driver in Fife. See you on the road!

Apply for a taxi badge: https://www.fife.gov.uk/kb/docs/articles/business2/licences-and-permits-for-business/taxi-and-private-hire-car-driver-licences


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