Why Checking Your Taxi Driver’s Licence is Non-Negotiable

When it comes to taxi travel, everyone deserves a ride that’s safe, comfortable, and fairly priced. Unfortunately, there’s a darker side to the industry that many may not be aware of—unlicensed drivers. Before you hop into any taxi, whether it’s with us or another firm, it’s crucial to check that your driver is fully licensed.

The Risks of Rolling the Dice

No Insurance Cover

Imagine being involved in an accident while riding in a taxi. The last thing you want is to find out the driver isn’t licensed, which could mean their insurance won’t cover the accident. The financial and legal ramifications could be disastrous for everyone involved.

Public Liability? Not Guaranteed

Unlicensed drivers are not required to hold public liability insurance. Should any harm come to you or your property during the journey, you may find yourself with no recourse for compensation.

The St Andrews Taxis Promise

We understand the concerns that come with taxi travel, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure the highest standards. Every driver under our wing is:

Police Vetted: Before joining our team, all potential drivers undergo a rigorous police vetting process.

Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme: All our drivers have PVGs (Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme records) from Disclosure Scotland, ensuring they are legally approved to work with all kinds of passengers, from children to vulnerable adults.

Fully Licensed: Each of our drivers holds the necessary licenses, so you can sit back and enjoy your journey with peace of mind.

How to Check a Driver’s Licence

Checking your taxi driver’s license is usually a straightforward process. Most drivers display their licences prominently in their vehicles. If you don’t see it, don’t hesitate to ask. A legitimate driver won’t mind showing you their credentials.

Fife Council - Taxi Driver ID
Fife Council – Taxi Driver ID

Final Thoughts

Before you slide into that back seat, take a moment to ensure your driver is licensed. This simple act could save you from financial, legal, and personal strife down the line. It’s not just about keeping yourself safe; it’s about maintaining the integrity of an industry committed to serving you.

Choose wisely, travel safely, and remember, the best journeys start with trust. Cheers!

So, next time you’re hailing a ride, make sure you’re not just looking out for the quickest pick-up but also for the credentials that ensure a safe journey. And when you choose St Andrews Taxis, rest assured you’re in safe, vetted hands.


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