Anstruther Golf Club: Where Every Swing Tells a Story

Echoes from the Past

Just imagine taking a swing on a course where golfers over a century ago stood contemplating their next move. Dating back to 1891, Anstruther Golf Club has its roots firmly planted in history. Originally, it was a modest 7-hole course; today, it offers 9 exquisite holes that have seen few changes since 1916. It’s not just a game here; it’s an experience that transcends time.

Course Composition: A Natural Haven

Anstruther Golf Club
Anstruther Golf Club

Anstruther boasts a soil composition that leans towards sandy soil, making it a perfect playground for golfers. It’s a rare blend of 75% poa annua, 5% bentgrass, and 20% fescue sub-species commutata. Each swing you take is gently cushioned by the ground beneath, offering a unique texture that keeps your game intriguing.

Fairway Feedback: What Makes It Special

Anstruther Golf Club
Anstruther Golf Club

To say Anstruther is beautiful would be an understatement; it’s an idyllic place that scores high on aesthetics and gameplay. Reviews often mention the “best par four on the course,” which was reshaped in 2008, as a standout feature. Not to mention, the beautiful Fife coastline that offers incredible vistas to accompany your game.

Your Guide to Golfing in September 2023

If you’re planning a visit next September, expect the following fees:

  • Adults can enjoy 9 holes for £25 or go the full 18 for £45.
  • Juniors can play both 9 and 18 holes for £15.

For members, you can introduce guests at a discounted rate of £10 for adults and £5 for juniors.

Book Your Time Slot

Trust me, you’ll want to reserve your tee time well in advance. For larger groups or special occasions, reach out to the Clubhouse Team at clubhouse@anstruthergolf.co.uk for all the extra details, including catering options.

Stepping onto the course at Anstruther, you can feel the weave of history and modernity underfoot. It’s a treat for the soul as much as it is for the golfer in you. See you on the green!

Images courtesy and copyright Anstruther Golf Club


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